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The best way to manage your cyclingrunninghiking group!
Where and When? What's the pace? Who's joining? Can you send the videos/photos? Incito has you covered. Everything you need to organise your group with minimal effort.
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Create your group

  • Choose who can create rides.All members, only managers and admins, or only admins
  • Choose your group manager's prefixambasssaors, captains, leaders, or something else. Your group, your choice!

Schedule your activities

  • Create different groups within an acitvity with advertised speed/power/pace.
  • Connect your strava to automatically calculate the effort based on your last 30 day rides.
  • Upload route files.
  • Easily share the ride to Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other social medial platforms.

Share after your acitivity

  • Easily share photos and videos with all group members after the activity, which you can refer back to at any point.
  • Easily select photos to add to the strava activity with one click.
  • Easily select photos and videos to share on Instagram and other social media platforms.

All group activities in one place

  • Overview of your group's upcoming activities in one place.

Keep up to date with your group and members

  • Follow other members to know when they join an activity
  • Get notifications when new photos or videos are added to an activity you participated in
  • Get notifications when new rides are added

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